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“I earned my first money selling pecans at Mr. Earnest’s Pecan Shop.  When we were very small, my friends and I would throw sticks into the trees to knock the pecans down.  When we were a little older, I climbed the trees and knocked the precious nuts down with a cane fishing pole.   We had to give half of the harvest to the owner of the trees.  No matter how many of us there were, I got half of our share for being the one to climb the trees.  Later, my friend Reginald learned to climb too, and we became equal partners.  I earned money for art supplies this way. But my friends and I also enjoyed the immediate fruits of our labor… a honey bun, a hog’s head cheese, and a strawberry soda… sheer heaven after a day of climbing trees and picking up pecans in the Florida heat.”
Dean Mitchell

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